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Woodlock oil (Hunag Dao YIi)50ml, Genuine Herbal Oil


 Also called Huang Dao Yi HuoLuo You, or Wood Lock Medicated Balm.

This Genuine WOOD LOCK Medicated Oil was imported directly from manfacture in HONGKONG, It has the following great attributes:

1. contains actve ingredients, it can penetrate into muscle easily and is made from 100% active ingredients.

2. It is much effective than other external pain relievers in the current market

Every ingredient works as a pain reliever itself. It is proved that the medicinal result of WOOD LOCK Medicated Oil is much effective than other external pain relievers in the current market.

In the current market, most external pain relievers contain a large portion of non-active oil base ingredient or filler, such as vaseline, wax etc. Those oil base products have poor penetration and are less effective.

3. instant effectiveness. Massage treatment with WOOD LOCK Medicated Oil during the 1998 U.S. China Expo in the Los Angeles Convention Center demonstrated a three-minute relief after a massage treatment for both Western and Eastern people.

4. long lasting, Unlike those easy evaporated alcohol products, WOOD LOCK Medicated Oil stays and works in the muscle by itself up to a whole day.

6 it is preventive, WOOD LOCK Medicated Oil is preventive. It is an ideal agent to warm up muscles before exercising, maximize muscle strength, and prevent muscle damage from over stretching.

With advantages of good penetration, instant effectiveness, long lasting and prevention, WOOD LOCK Medicated Oil is welcomed by those who are suffering from muscle pains, arthritis and sprain. For athletes, this product can be helpful in their sport field as well.

Ingredients: Camphor 4.5g, Methyl salicylate 15.0g, Menthol 17.0g, Turpentine oil 6.0g

Direction: Pour 2-3 drops WOODLOCK oil to the affected area.Apply pressure with the thumb or palm on the area and rub slowly for 15 minutes this will promote the interpetration of herbal essence and enhance blood circulation. Repeat if necessary.

It is extremely effect to combine with the thermopenetration method. Apply WOODLOCK oil on the affected area with gentle massage, and then covered with hot pad or towel on the top for 10 minutes.

Content: 50 ml

Caution: for external use only, Do not use on wounded or demaged skin.

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